Classical Ballet is the traditional style of dance that demands form, style, and technique.  Through ballet students will learn classical technique with grace and flow. Methods taught include but aren't limited to Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova. 


Classes offered:

  • Ballet 1- ages 6-7       

  • Ballet 2- ages 7-8

  • Ballet 3- ages 8-9

  • Ballet 4 and Pre-Pointe- ages 10+ by placement only

  • Ballet 5 and Pointe- ages 11+ by placement only

  • Intermediate Ballet- ages 12+  by placement only

  • Advanced Ballet- placement only

  • Open Ballet- all levels

  • Advanced Pointe and Variations- by placement only

  • Partnering- by placement only



Acrobatic dance blends the styles of acrobatics and dance together. Students will gain and increase their flexibility, strength, and agility. Students will learn skills such as splits, back bends, handstands, back walkovers, etc.


Classes offered:

  • Beginner/Elementary Acro- Ages 7-10 or by placement

  • Intermediate/Advanced Acro- Ages 10+ or by placement 


Jazz, Musical Theater, & Cheer

​Jazz, Musical Theater, and Cheer are energetic styles of dance that explores individuality and technique. Jazz merges ballet and contemporary dance. Musical Theater uses the jazz style of dance with elements of song and dance that mimic Broadway shows. Cheer dance will be learning motions with pom poms. Students will learn the basic skills of these genres while having fun and gaining confidence.


Classes offered:

  • Beginner/Elementary Jazz

  • Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

  • Beginner/Elementary Tap

  • Intermediate/Advanced Tap

  • Beginner/Elementary Cheer

  • Intermediate/Advanced Cheer

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Preschool and Primary

​Preschool and Primary levels are for younger students ages 2 through 6. These fun-filled classes are an introduction to dance. Not only will students learn basic skills they will also explore their own individuality through creative movement. 


Classes offered:​

  • Preschool Ballet and Tap - ages 2 1/2- 4 1/2

  • Primary Ballet and Tap- ages 5-6


Contemporary, Modern, and Lyrical

Contemporary and Lyrical are expressive styles of dance that blend ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles together. These styles explore the feeling of the dancer's mind and body connecting through movement. These classes demands students to have a good foundation in ballet and jazz technique.  


Classes offered:

  • Intermediate/Advanced Modern

  • Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary

  • Beginner Contemporary/Lyrical



Tap is a fast-paced rhythmic style that uses the sound of tap shoes to create different rhythms. Students will learn basic skills in Tap. Students will also be challenged with developing and executing new rhythms throughout the year.


Classes offered:​

  • Preschool Tap & Ballet- ages 2-4

  • Primary Tap & Ballet- ages 5-6

  • Beginner/Elementary Tap- ages 7-10

  • Intermediate/Advanced Tap- Ages 10+