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Cost of Dance Overview

This is a brief overview of the cost; the exact cost will be calculated per dancer per family.


  • Registration fee                    $50 per dancer & $65 per family (due at registration, non-refundable​​) 

  • Recital/Production Package fee         $150 per dancer (due at registration/Sept. 1, non-refundable)

  • Costume Rental fee                  $30 for costume usage (tutu and/or in-house costumes)


Monthly Tuition

Pointe                         $35.00

45 mins                      $65.00

1 class                        $65.00

2 classes                    $125.00

3 classes                    $185.00

4+ classes                  $280.00

***Private lessons available, please contact office for pricing.***

Tuition Payment Options

PLAN A          MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS (due 1st of every month)

PLAN B          SEMESTER TUITION PAYMENTS (due Sept 1 and Jan 1)

PLAN C          YEAR TUITION PAYMENT (due Sept 1)

**Please contact office to set-up semester and year payment options.**

Become a Sponsor

If you would like to give to our Sponsorship program and help more students receive help with dance tuition, click the link below.

Discounts Offered

  • Sibling discount $10 off per month                                                  

  •  5% Semester Payment (Due Sept 5 and Jan 6)

  • Referral Discount $5 off per month                                                    

  • 10% Yearly Payment (Due Sept 5)                                                               (Semester and Yearly options are for                                                            students that enroll before Oct. 1)

  • *English Theatre Arts offers scholarships.

  • Please contact office for more information.*

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